Manure Spreader MST5000

General Description

The MST5000 is a bin trailer with a hydraulically-driven floor feed chain and spreader mechanism, used for controlled application of manure, compost or agricultural.  Outstanding features of the trailer are the sturdy steel frame, the stainless steel bin, its good ground clearance and easy operation.  The hydraulic drive motors are driven from the tractor hydraulic system.  Speed control on the floor feed chain combined with the design and position of the spreader discs ensure a controlled dosage and even spreading of the product.


Model   MST5000
Maximum load   : +/-3 tons
Bin capacity   : +/-5m³
Axle   : 6 ton, unbraked, 12/75-18
Tyres   : 12×18 implement
Track Width   : 1 500mm
Length   : 4 920mm
Width   : 1 820mm
Height   : 1 940mm