Crate Tipper Elevator

General Description

The Crate Tipper Elevator has been designed to work in conjunction with the Crate Tipper, although it is equally suitable to use it where the product is delivered in plastic crates or by means of a conveyor. Main features are the product-friendly design, robust construction and the wide range of discharge heights that can be obtained. Depending on requirements, the drive can be hydraulic or electric. Speed control is standard.


Model    CRH0900                
Delivery method   : Crates (Crate Tipper)
Drive   : hydraulic or electric
Speed control   : yes
Total length   : +/- 5m
Elevator width   : 900 or 1 100mm
Total width   : 1 475mm
Discharge height   : 2 030mm
Option 1   : Rollastar Cleaner
Option 2   : Flow control sensor