Receiving Hopper

General Description

To be able to deliver the product to the sorting line in a controlled manner, various types of receiving hoppers are available. Main features of all models are the product-friendly design, robust construction and the wide range of discharge heights that can be obtained. Depending on the model, the drive is electric or hydraulic as required. Speed control is standard on all models. The various models make provision for the following situations: for off-loading a single tip trailer (in-line) or for off-loading two tip trailers simultaneously (in parallel).


Model                       :TRH1101             TRH1102             
Discharge method  :single tip trailer, in-linetwo tip trailers, in parallel
Drive  :electricelectric or hydraulic
Speed control  :yesyes
Total length  :4 230mmas required
Elevator width  :1 100mm900 or 1 100mm
Total width  :2 900mm2 580mm
Discharge height  :2 000mm2 000mm
Option 1  :Rollastar CleanerRollastar Cleaner
Option 2  :Flow control sensorFlow control sensor