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Soaking Drum

General Description

The use of a Soaking Drum is an absolute necessity when due to soil and climate conditions, a very dirty product reaches the sorting line. As the product is soaked in water while being gently rubbed against each other, the most stubborn dirt is softened and removed before the product enters the actual washing/drying process. An elevator with a rubber-covered slatted belt elevates the product from the soaking drum and delivers it to the next module of the sorting line: the Brush Washer/Dryer.



Model  2400  /  3000  /  3600
Maximum capacity  :8 – 10 tons per hour
Drum length  :2.4m; 3m; 3.6m
Drive  :hydraulic/electric
Bin construction  :galvanized steel or stainless steel
Drum construction  :galvanized steel or stainless steel
Total length (elevator included)  :+/-5.7m
Width  :+/-1.8m
Height  :+/-2.2m


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