Crate Tipper

General Description

The Crate Tipper is used in conjunction with the Crate Tipper Elevator to feed the sorting line when the product is delivered in crates. The system consists of a hydraulically-driven crate tipper with associated tracks. The enclosure of the crate tipper ensures that the contents of the crate is discharged in a controlled manner. This has the advantage of limiting damage to the product and it enables controlling the feed to the sorting line. To make the handling of the crates more user-friendly, the associated crate tracks can be fitted with a hydraulic drive.


Model    Crate Tipper          
Tip action   : hydraulic
Crate size   : standard wooden crate (l x b x h)
Track length for full crates   : 3 crate lengths
Track length for empty crates   : 2 crate lengths