Storage Bunkers

General Description

For large-volume storage and to provide a continuous product flow for final processing, Uniekum has designed its own range of storage bunkers. The 36-tons storage bunkers are usually positioned in parallel so that all bunkers off-load onto a single conveyor delivering the product to the processing plant. Special large-volume receiving hoppers, elevators, conveyors and special-purpose lorry-offloading equipment normally form part of such a storage system.

The 9-tons and 12-tons storage bunkers are special designs. The bunkers are filled by the fill conveyer which goes up and down as the bunker volume increase or decrease. This up and down movement is controled by a sensor, which guarantees minimum fall of the product. The speed of the outfeed conveyer can be controled and can runs in both directions. A control panel with a touchscreen indicates the volume of each bunker. The start/stop and speed controls are managed from the touchscreen.


Model 9-tons 12-tons 36-tons
Capacity  : 14m³ 19m³ 56m³
Drive  : Electrical Electrical Electrical
Width of Fill Conveyor  : 700mm 700mm 900mm
Fill Conveyor up/down  : Electrical Electrical Electrical
Width of Outfeed Conveyor  : 500mm 500mm 500mm
Speed control Outfeed Conveyor  : Yes Yes Yes
Fan for windflow  : Optional Optional None