Sorting/Bagging Table

General Description

The Uniekum Sorting/Bagging Table has been designed to sort products at maximum capacity.  Final sorting and grading is done on the roller section, where the rolling action of the rollers ensures that the product can be viewed from all sides. From the rollers, the product moves onto the PVC section of the bagging table. Adjustable lane guides direct the product into the bags.

The Sorting/Bagging Tables are available in different standard lengths and widths. The number and configuration of bag holders is determined by volume and table layout.


Model      900             12001500             
Maximum capacity  :+/- 3 tons per hour+/- 4 tons per hour+/- 5 tons per hour
Drive  :hydraulic/electricalhydraulic/electricalhydraulic/electrical
Speed control  :yesyesyes
Width  :900mm1 200mm1 500mm
Length roller section  :2.4 or 3.6m2.4 or 3.6m2.4 or 3.6m
Maximum sorting lanes  :456
Pitch of rollers  :2″ or 2½”2″ or 2½”2″ or 2½”