Roller Sorting Table

General Description

The Roller Sorting Table is primarily used as an inspection table to remove scrap, 3rd grade potatoes, stones, etc from the product flow.  This table is positioned just before the grading unit or, when the product requires to be washed, before the washer.  As the potatoes are continuously turned around by the rollers, all sides are subjected to inspection as to ensure that very accurate sorting can be achieved.

To ensure that sorting efficiency can be maintained when processing at high volumes, the Roller Sorting Table comes in two standard widths and lengths.


Model      3000 / 3600            
Maximum capacity   : 8-10 tons per hour
Drive   : hydraulic/electrical
Speed control   : yes
Length   : 3m or 3.6m
Width   : 900 or 1 200mm
Rollers   : aluminium
Pitch of rollers   : 2″
3rd Grade / scrap discharge   : overhead or underslung conveyor
Available options   : light box for fluorescent lights