AVR Ceres 200H

Hydraulically driven two-row mounted planter

General Description

The Ceres 200H is a two-row planter equipped with nearly all the features its larger siblings have to offer.

If you are restricted to two-row planting after destoning, all functionalities of the four-row machines can be reduced to a two-row width. Like the M version, the Ceres 200H is a two-row mounted planter, but in this case, the machine is driven fully hydraulically and comes with a comprehensive technology package and a larger bunker. This machine is designed for planting in preconstructed beds, i.e. mainly for situations where the soil is “destoned”.


  • 2 wheels (11,5/80-15,3), with tractor profile
  • Hydraulic drive planting element (1 hydraulic motor)
  • Intuitive touchscreen for operation with hectare counter and detection of empty cups
  • Parallelogram with fixed furrow openers, with 2 depth wheels
  • Movable floor, driven by planting element, 2 settings (can be disconnected per row)
  • Width adjustable covering discs, spring loaded toothed discs (ø 450mm)
  • 4 planting elements with large driving drum (ø 270mm), small pulley (ø 60mm), for precise planting at high speed
  • 34 cups per planting element (2 x 17) (ø 40-80mm) (yellow cups)
  • Electric agitator on the cup belts, adjustable from the cab
  • Fix hopper without side extensions (1200 kg, width 2m10)
  • Hydraulic connections: p 1/2″ m – t 1/2″ m – ls 3/8″ m

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