Bag Handling

General Description

The Pocket Handling-/Stiching Carousel is design to handle and stich 7- and 10kg potato paperbags. The unit stich the paperbags and transport it to the palette boxes.

The unit consist of pocket holders that are mounted on a chainconveyer and a sewing machine with a mechanical powered in-feed that is mounted on a adjustable frame.

The filled potato bag is placed on a pocket holder. One person is needed to guide the bag in the powered infeed to the sewing machine where the bag is automaticly stich. The chainconveyer transport the stich bag around to the palette box where it is packet on the palette.


Standard Unit:             
          – Consist of 9x pocket holders (total length +/-3.5m)
          – Capasity: 18 Pockets / min (10Kg), (10 ton per hour)
          – Mchanical powered in-feed to sewing machine
          – Sewing machine is sensor operated from in-feed
          – Electrical driven (220V)
          – Industrial Sewing machine Fischbein Model 100
          – Consist of 6x exstra pocket holders (length 2m)
          – Maximum extentions 4x 2m (total length +/- 11.5m)