AVR Lynx

General Description

The AVR Lynx is one of the new-generation double row harvester which throws direct into the wagon that is imported by Uniekum. The AVR Lynx is basically a trailed in-line elevator harvester that automatically can be shift into a so-called offset harvester (eg towed offset behind the tractor, so that the tractor can travel nest to the rows.) The Esprit harvester is well-known for their superb digging quality, gentle handling of the product through-out the machine and the very effective separation of product and soil, stones and plant material. The unique separation processes employed by the machine, ensure that these harvester can be utilized equally-well in almost any type of soil.

The open and straight-forward construction ensures good accessibility for maintenance purposes.  Wide wheels and tyres and the solid main frame make it a very stable machine to work with, even against slopes.


Model   AVR Lynx
 Rows / row-distance   : dubble,750-900mm
 Stering   : outomatic
 Track width   : adjustable
 Tyres and wheels left   : 500/60-R26.5
 Tyres and wheels right   : 13.6R36
 Total lenght   : 10 900mm
 Total width (road)   : 3 300mm
 Height   : 3 800mm
 Mass   : 6 250kg
 Recommended tractor power   : 90kW/120hp (minimum)
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