Brush Washer/Dryer

General Description

Uniekum’s Brush Washer/Dryer is an absolute necessity when proper washing and drying of potatoes is required. High-pressure sprayers remove soil and dirt from the potatoes while the rollers gently scrub and convey the product through the washer. In the pre-drying section the potatoes are conveyed over a section of sponge rollers. Pressure rollers underneath the rollers squeeze excessive water from the sponges. The last section of the brush washer/dryer is the drying section where rows of nozzles direct heated air streams onto the product. To adjust for changing processing volumes and climate conditions, the amount of heat can be adjusted or the heating elements can be switched off completely.


Model   Brush Washer/Dryer
Maximum capacity   : 8 – 10 tons per hour
Drive   : hydraulic/electric
Standard widths   : 600 / 900 / 1 200mm
Standard configuration   : 10 wash brushes, 10 sponges, 15 soft brushes
Capacity water tank   : 2 000 litres
Water pump   : 5.5 – 11kW
Fans   : 5.5 – 37kW
Heating unit   : 15 – 18kW

Water is utilized effectively as the sprayer water is caught in a large water tank, then filtered and recirculated by means of a large-volume filter and water pump.