Onion Lifters

General Description

The TopAir TL2060 and TL2062 is one of the new-generation onion lifters imported by Uniekum.  The lifters are trail models that picks up the onion from the ground, topping it and throws it directly into the wagon.The lifter is well-known for its patented air topping system, which utilizes the reliable Scumacher linear sickle drive and the high capacity fans, removes tops cleanly and blows most foreign material back onto the ground, resulting in cleaner loads to the packing facility.

The open and straight-forward construction ensures good accessibility for maintenance purposes.  The number of wheels and tyres and the solid main frame make it a very stable machine to work with, even against slopes.


 Model TL2060 TL2062
Bed width   : 1500-1800mm 1500-1800mm
Number of beds   : 1 2
Belt width   : 1000-1300mm 1000-1300mm
Wheel and tyres   : 9.5Lx15 9.5Lx15
Number of tyres   :  4  6
Total length   : 6860mm 7065mm
Total Width   : 2820mm 4575mm
Total Heigth   : 3200mm 3200mm
Weight   : +/-5900kg +/- 8200kg
Recommended tractor power   : 66kW/90hp(minimum) 76kW/110hp(minimum)
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