General Description

The Polisher with its unique shake-action provides a new perspective on how to clean vegetables. The unit is designed to wash vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and beet in a continiuous proces depending on the settings of the machine. The adjacent watertank provide water that is circulated. All functions are controled by a touchscreen which forms part of the electrical control box.


Standard Unit:             
          – Brushes mounted in semi-circle on S/S-bearings
          – 8x O200mm brushes, lenghts of 2950mm
          – Drum S/S 3CR12, galvanised strukture
          – Drive: shake-action with speed control
          – Drive brushes: 2x with speed control
          – Brushes driven by V-belts for low maintenance
          – Water tank with 5.5kW water pump
          – Electrical control panel with touchscreen