Junior Grading Unit

General Description

The Junior Grading Unit is Uniekum’s smallest grading unit. It has been designed for the customer who wants to sort not more than 3 tons per hour. The two wooden sieving frames (available in different sizes to suit customer requirements) separate the product in three different sizes. Bag holders at the end of each lane allow for direct filling of the bags.  When the product also needs to be separated in 1st and 2nd grade, a Roller Sorting- bagging Table must be added to the basic grading unit.  A second option comprises a PVC Sorting- bagging Table for the grading and bagging of smaller potatoes. With or without the two options added, the Junior Grading Unit is a full- fledged sorter capable of handling small volumes very cost-effectively.


Model    Junior Grading Unit
Maximum capacity   : +/- 3 tons per hour
Drive   : electric
Number of grading sizes   : 3
Available web sizes   : 25 – 70mm
Length (complete with sorting tables)   : +/- 9m
Width  (complete with sorting tables)   : +/- 4m