Weighing – Bagging Unit

General Description

The Weight-Bagging unit is design to handle vegetable products like potatoes and onions. The unit is fitted with the latest weighting technology for a more accurate weighing action.

The produce is collected in the receiving hopper. The machine is fitted with double conveyers, the wide conveyer belt is for quick feeding and the smal conveyer belt fills the product up to the required weight.

Three pocket holders are mounted on a carosel for faster and easyier handling of the bags. The pockets are clamped with compressed air and are easy adjustable for different bag sizes.


Standard Unit:             
          – Adjustable electronic weight action
          – Capacity +/- 7 weightings per minute,+/- 4 Tons / hour for 10Kg bags
          – Dubble conveyers (quick feeding and fill up)
          – Pocket counter per shift and machine total
          – Electrical driven (220V)
          – Pocket holders adjustable for different bag sizes
          – Infeed height adjustable to existing sorting designs
          – Compressed air connection +/- 5 bar required