Onion Toppers

General Description

The onion toppers KR85-2 and KR85-3 are  the new-generation onion toppers imported by Uniekum. The toppers are available in a 2-blade and 3-blade model. All the models includes a debris output system and total enclosure of the entire system against waste, dust and noise.

The open and straight-forward construction ensures good accessibility for maintenance purposes. The toppers are intended to fit easily in a grading line.


Topping Capacity  :5-8 ton/hr7-10 ton/hr
Sieve width  :830mm830mm
Total Sieves  :23
Total Blade Motors/Kw  :2 – 3kW 1500rpm3 – 3kW 1500rpm
Total Vibration Motors/Kw  :2 – 0.75kW 980rpm3 – 0.75kW 980rpm
Total length  :2 800mm4 000mm
Total Width  :2 000mm2 000mm
Total Height  :3 945mm3 945mm
Height alterations  :up to 1000mmup to 1000mm
Weight  :1620kg2430kg
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